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Common Irish Phrases

Go raimh maith agat (pronounced "guh rev mah aguth"): Thank you

Sl�n (pronounced "slawn"): Goodbye.

Sl�inte (pronounced "sloincha"): Cheers (or literally Health)

Phrase: Dia duit ar maidin
Pronounced: dee/ah dwit air mod/ging
Meaning: Good morning

PHRASE: Cad is ainm duit, le do thoil?
PRONOUNCED: cod iss an/imm dwit, leh duh hull
MEANING: What is your name, please?

PHRASE: Beannachtai na Feile Padraig
PRONOUNCED: bann/ockt/tee nih fail/eh pawd/rig
MEANING: Happy Saint Patrick's Day

PHRASE: Siochan leat
PRONOUNCED: shee/oh/con lat
MEANING: Peace be with you

PHRASE: Slán agus beannacht leat
PRONOUNCED: slawn og/us ban/ockt lat
MEANING: Goodbye and blessings on you

PHRASE: Oiche mhaith, codladh samh
PRONOUNCED: eehah wot, culla sovh
MEANING: Good night, sleep well

PHRASE: Eanair/Feabhra/Marta
PRONOUNCED: ain-irr/feow-rahh/marr-tah
MEANING: January/February/March

PHRASE: Aibrean/Bealtaine/Meitheamh
PRONOUNCED: ibb-ronn/be-owll-tinnih/meh-ivh
MEANING: April/May/June

PHRASE: Iuil/Lunasa/Mean Fomhair
PRONOUNCED: yewell/loon-asa/man-foe-hur
MEANING: July/August/September

PHRASE: Deireadh Fomhair/Samhain/Nollaig
PRONOUNCED: derrah-foe-hur/sow-inn/null-igg
MEANING: October/November/December

PHRASE: De Luain/De mairt/De Cheadaoin
PRONOUNCED: day-loon/day-mart/day kade-djeen
MEANING: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

PHRASE: Deardaoin/De haoine/Sathairn/De Domhnaigh
PRONOUNCED: dare-deen/day-heena/day-dow-nig
MEANING: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday

PHRASE: aon, do, tri, ceithir, cuig se, seacht, ocht, naoi, deich
PRONOUNCED: ain, dough, tree, kerr/ih, koo/igg shay, shocht, uck/th, knee, deh
MEANING: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

PHRASE: Cen tam e?
PRONOUNCED: cane thom a?
MEANING: What time is it?

PHRASE: Nollaig Shona duit
PRONOUNCED: nullig hunna dwit
MEANING: Happy Christmas to you

PHRASE: Athblian shona duit
PRONOUNCED: ought/bleen hunna dwit
MEANING: Happy new year to you

Source: http://www.ireland-information.com/irishphrases.htm

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