Philip Roche

The Irish pirate Captain Philip Roche, alias John Eustace, shipped himself with three other marines - Andrew Cullen, wife and Neale - on board a French snow. He sailed from Cork in November 1721 to Nantes. Roche was 30 years old and his knowledge of navigation and his gentle manners gained masterís trust, which placed Roche occasionally in charge of vessel. Few days out, one night pre-arranged mutiny took place. All French crew were killed and thrown overboard, including begging for mercy captain.

For the bad weather the new captain Roche had to enter Dartmouth, where the ship was repainted and renamed to Mary. Then they sailed to Rotterdam, where they sold cargo of beef. With fresh cargo and its owner, Mr. Annesly they sailed for France. The first night out of port they threw Mr. Annesly overboard, who swam alongside the ship for some time.

In French port they learned that the enquiry was being made about his ship and Roche ran away. The crew took the ship to Scotland and after the landing they disappeared. The ship was seized and taken to the Thames.

Much later Roche was arrested in London, put in Newgate Prison, found guilty of piracy and hanged on August 5, 1723 at Execution Dock.

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