The Irish in Baseball

The Sporting Life by Ron Kaplan
Jimmy Collins "Pride of the Irish"
From Memories and Dreams, the Hall of Fame's Quarterly Magazine
The Heavenly Twins
Civil War Baseball: Baseball and the Blue and the Gray


Big Dan Brouthers*
Dan Brouthers Monument
Mike Campbell
  Born: 1850 Ireland
Eddie Collins*
Jimmy Collins*
Joe Cronin*
George Davis*
George Davis - Cohoes, NY
"Dirty Jack" Doyle
Jimmy Hallinan
  Born: May 27, 1849 Ireland
Hughie Jennings*
George Kelly*
John McGuinness
  Born: 1857 Ireland
Mark McGwire (currently up for removal - email your thoughts)
Irish McIlveen
  Born: July 27, 1880 - Belfast, Ireland
Stuffy McInnis*
Mike Muldoon
  Born: April 9, 1858, in Westmeath County, Ireland
Barney McLaughlin
  Born: Ireland
Bill Terry*


Tommy Bond
  Born: April 2, 1856 - Granard, Ireland
Hugh Campbell
  Born: 1845 Ireland
Joe Cleary
  Born: Dec. 3, 1918 Co. Cork
Candy Cummings*
Hugh Daily
Pete Daniels
  Born: April 8, 1864 County Cavan, Ireland
Curry Foley
  Born: Jan. 16, 1856 - Milltown, Ireland
Whitey Ford*
Pud Galvin*
Kid Gleason
John Horan
Tim Keefe*
Con Lucid
  Born: February 24, 1874 in Dublin, Ireland
Charlie McCullough
  Born: 1866 Dublin, Ireland
Joe McGinnity*
Tug McGraw
Pat McManus
Tony Mullane
  Born: January 20, 1859 - County Cork, Ireland
Kid Nichols*
Cyclone Ryan
   Born: Cappagh White, Ireland
Nolan Ryan*
Ed Walsh*
Mickey Welch* (Michael Francis Walsh)


Big Ed Delahanty*
Mike Donlin
Patsy Donovan
  Born: March 16, 1865 - Queenstown, Ireland
Hugh Duffy*
Chick Hafey*
Billy Hamilton*
Willie Keeler*
Joe Kelley*
King Kelly*
Andy Leonard
  Born: June 1, 1846 - County Cavan, Ireland
Tommy McCarthy*
Dale Murphy
Sam Nichol
  Born: April 20, 1869 in County Antrim, Ireland
Fancy O'Neill
Jim O'Rourke*
Bill Sullivan
  Born: July 4, 1853 - Ireland
Jimmy Walsh (see story below)
Patsy Donovan
  Born: September 22, 1885 - Kallila, Ireland


Conny Doyle
Ed Duffy
  Born: 1844 Ireland
Bill Farmer
Jocko Fields
Tom Lynch
Reddy Mack
  Born: Ireland
Fergy Malone
  Born: 1842 Ireland
Tim Murnane
Johnny O'Connor
  Born: December 1, 1891 - Cahirciveen, Ireland
Mike O'Neill
  Born: September 7, 1877 - Maam, Ireland
Silk O'Loughlin
John B. Sheridan (writer)
Ted Sullivan
  Born: March 17, 1851 - County Clare, Ireland
John Tener
  Born: July 25, 1863 - County Tyrone,Ireland
24th Governor of Pennsylvania 1911 � 1915

Jocko Conlon*
Tom Connolly*
Kick Kelly
Jack Sheridan


Jimmy Archer
  Born: May 13, 1883 - Dublin, Ireland
Roger Bresnahan*
Bill Carrigan
Bill Collins
John CurranAndy Cusick
  Born: December 1857 Limerick
Pat Deasley
  Born: Nov. 17, 1857 Ireland
Tom Dowse
  Born: Aug. 12, 1866 - Mohill, Ireland
Rick Ferrell*
Mike Flynn
  Born: Mar. 15, 1872 - Co. Kildare
Mike Hines
  Born: September, 1862 Ireland
Tim McCarver
Tom Needham
Paddy O'Connor
  Born: August 4, 1879 in County Kerry, Ireland
Jack O'Neill
  Born: January 10, 1873 - Galway, Ireland
Steve O'Neill
Sleeper Sullivan


Charlie Comiskey*
Joe Cronin*
Ned Hanlon*
Miller Huggins*
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Connie Mack*
Joe McCarthy*
John McGraw*
Bill McKechnie*
Bob O'Farrell
Steve O'Neill
Bob Quinn

* Denotes member of the Hall of Fame

Players Born in Ireland

The Deadball Era
Contains links about deceased Major League Players, and other info.

Interesting Facts


Ireland native Jack Doyle is one of 20 major leaguers to have played 100 games at four different positions. He was also reputedly baseball's first pinch hitter, coming off the bench to single for the Giants in 1892.


George Davis, born to a mill worker father in Cohoes, NY. Davis' grandfather John emigrated to Cohoes in 1847 from County Fermanaugh in Northern Ireland. The place John was born was called Irvingstown. George Davis brought Jack Doyle back to Cohoes for a visit. Incidentally a great rivalry and enmity developed between Doyle and Davis. Source: Walt Lipka, Cohoes


Tony Mullane was a multi-talented marvel, baseball's first ambidextrous pitcher. He played without a glove, facing the batter with both hands on the ball before throwing it with either one.


Billy Hamilton is one of only three players in ML history with more runs scored than games played, Hamilton was perhaps the best player of the 1890s.

Legendary Silk O' Loughlin holds the umpires' record for calling the most no-hitters with seven. He often answered arguing batters with the following: "I have never missed one in my life and it's too late to start now. The Pope for religion, O'Loughlin for baseball. Both infallible."


Jimmy Walsh



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