Views of the Famine
Great site with a large number of photos and news
drawings from the actual famine years.

        Interpreting the Irish Famine, 1846-1850

        British Policies during the Great Famine

        Irish Potato Famine (The History Place)

        The Famine in Cavan

        The Famine in Donegal

        Workhouse Records Pt.1

        Workhouse Records Pt.2

        Donaghmore Famine Workhouse Museum

        The Workhouse
Detailed links on Irish Poor Law Unions on left side of page.

        The Mass Graves of Ireland 


Ships and Ship Information

          Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship

          Dunbrody Famine Ship

          Ship List - 1847

Famine Memorials

          Boston Irish Famine Memorial

          Buffalo, NY Memorial

          Cattaraugus County, New York

          Chicago Gaelic Park

          Grosse Ile - Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada

          Orphans Memorial

          Philadelphia Irish Famine Memorial

          Portland, Oregon - Famine Memorial

          Rhode Island Memorial

          Sydney Irish Famine Memorial

          Toronto Famine Memorial

          List of Famine Memorials


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