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Cead Mile Failte

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 13:19

Upcoming Division/Hibernian Events


Mayfair/Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade

AOH 61 is in 3rd Division

Staging Between Frankford Avenue and

Leon Street on Welsh Road

Need to be ready to go by Noon


MaryKay Fundraiser

AOH 61 Hall

Saturday, November 28th 1 - 4 PM

Benefits Christmas is for Giving
Orders can be placed with Diane on Saturday the 28th, or in advance by emailing Diane at dvleonard@comcast.net, or Jim at jhleonard@comcast.net, or by calling Diane at (609) 458-2930


Kathi McKenna Memorial Fundraiser
Pegasus Riding Academy
AOH Div 61 Hall 2 - 6 pm 
Sunday, December 6th

Everyone needs Wrapping Paper this time of year.

Help Support a member's autistic nephews.

To avoid shipping fees for folks local to NE Philly send us a message...